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Sponsored review & giveaway: The Edge Rulers by Sullivans

Sponsored review & giveaway:
The Edge Rulers by Sullivans
disclosure: this review is in exchange for sample rulers

Welcome to day 3 of the blog hop!
There is a lot going on in this post!
A Story
A Recipie
& A Giveaway!

As you probably know by now Pat Sloan partnered with Sullivans to create new rulers. These are not just your standard rulers. These rulers have a Diamond Carbide Edge that maintains the sharpness of your Rotary
Cutter blade as it spins. So when Pat asked me to test out the rulers I was very excited! Regular readers of my blog know that I'm a bit of a notion junkie.

Ruler Features
• Full see-through NON SKID frosting keeps the ruler from sliding and makes it light enough to see your fabric through it.
• Unique red grid system to highlight the ½” marking, using both lines to square up blocks or to cut squares effortlessly.
• Diagonal with dots large enough to see for fabric positioning.
• Large numbers for easy visibility that never blend into the fabric.
• Very light ⅛” markings do not distract when using the most common ¼” markings.

The fantastic Monica aka Happy Zombie designed this great graphic for the hop!


My Experience with the Rulers

The rulers are available in 10 sizes. I decided to test out the 4.5” x 37” and the 16.5” x 16.5” square. As Kelly wrote on Monday you will hear a sound you are not used to when first using these rulers. The sound comes from the metal of the blade going along the metal of the ruler during the sharpening process.

I like these rulers. They take a bit of time to get used to, but the sharpening part does work. I tested it out with a sharp blade and a dull blade to see for myself. I did have a video tutorial planned for you but life has prevented me from finishing it in time. Hopefully I'll have the video done for you soon.

The 4.5” x 37” is now the longest ruler I own. It is very handy to have a long ruler for trimming the sides of my quilts once they are quilted. Also since it is about a yard it helps in measuring out fabric. The 16.5” x 16.5”  is now my largest square ruler. I love using square rulers to trim blocks.


A story of twin quilts
In December of 2005 I decided to make a greek letter quilt. I had been making countless lettered t-shirts for my sorority sisters and friends on campus. I started the quilt on 12/6 and finished it by 12/24. I loved the quilt and had it hung up in my office on campus. {I worked for the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office.}

Summer of 2006 came and along with it our Bi-Annual Sorority Convention. A Notice went out about collecting items for the silent auction. Even though I loved my quilt I decided to donate it to help raise money. Many people began to bid on the quilt, but quickly a bidding war started between Kristin and Bobbi. Bobbi won.

Before I knew it summer of 2008 had arrived. I was on the Convention team and at the last minute decided to make the quilt again so that Kristin could have one. I started it on 7/3 and finished it on 7/5. She was completely shocked and loved it. While all the letters are different fabrics I actually had enough of the border, sashing and backing fabrics to make them the same.

There is a lesson here...
A lesson I didn't learn until this year. Earlier this year I attended an event with Bobbi. She mentioned how she uses the mistake in my quilt to help teach the Greek alphabet. I said.. "mistake"?? Apparently despite my planning and taking progress pics along the way... I reversed the Tau & Upsilon. I'd like to think that I only didn't notice because they are similar in shape. At least I got the second one right!

Lesson learned... double check everything before you sew it together... especially when it's letters


As a part of this blog hop Pat asked each of us to post a recipe. Those who know me, know that I can't cook. Lucky for me she said we could as for help!

No Leftover Cheesecake

2 blocks of cream cheese (do NOT use low fat) - softened
2 cups of powdered sugar (sifted or whisked)
16 oz tub of Cool Whip

2 1/4 cups finely ground graham cracker crumbs
1/2 cup white sugar
9 Tablespoons butter, melted
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

To make the crust:
Mix your graham cracker crumbs, your sugar, your melted butter, and cinnamon until well blended. Press the mixture into the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan.

To make the filling:
Mix the cream cheese with mixer until smooth. Then add the powdered sugar one cup at a time and mix until smooth. Add in the entire tub of cool whip and again, mix until smooth. Please do not add items out of this order or your mixture will be lumpy. :)

Put it in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving. Keep it chilled when not being served.

When ready to serve, add your favorite pie filling on the top and watch it disappear before your eyes. :)

I did post two recipes before. Apple Pie and Chocolate Covered Pretzles.


Here is the full blog hop list
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Wednesday 9/29
Julie @ Jaybird Quilts {here!}

Thursday 9/30

Friday 10/1
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Sat Oct 2
Pat Sloan @ Pat Sloan's Blog

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bwilder said...

Wow, thanks for the Blog Hop. I never knew there were so many Quilt Blogs!

Melissa said...

You always write such great reviews! Thanks for being impartial and honest. I think I might have to try these rulers.

KatieQ said...

Thank you for posting the cheese cake recipe. I can't wait to try these rulers.

Miss Jean said...

Cheesecake AND rulers! Nothing better!!

Barb said...

I have the best pie recipe in the world: Tell husband you are hungry for pie. Go to work. Come home. Enjoy pie. (Not always on the same day or the kind requested, but close enough.)

Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

Thanks for the chance to win the rulers, and thanks, too, for the recipe!

Avon said...

I would love to try the new rulers. Enter me please.

Joan said...

I think I must have missed you on the first go-round and that recipe caught my eye on the pdf. I'm a sucker for cheesecake!!

Kim G said...

You always do such a great review! These rules look really nice to use! Love your Holiday Ribbons Quilt!

Quiltluver said...

Looks like a great recipe. Would love to win these rulers.

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