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Quilt Remix Blog Tour, Book Review, and Giveaway

Welcome to Stop #3 on The Quilt Remix Blog Tour!

Quilting Rockstar & my personal friend Emily Cier is having a blog tour for her new book Quilt Remix!! Emily is one of those people that no matter how many times you tell her she is awesome, she just doesn't seem to realize it! Her designs are beautiful & fresh and she just happens to also be one of the nicest people in the world. According to Emily I sometimes moonlight as the Carolina Patchworks PR Director. I wear many hats & I'm totally OK with that. ;-)

With Emily in her booth at Spring 2010 Market

Emily and I first met in October of 2009 at Quilt Market. I was immediately attracted to her designs and fabric choices. Emily uses lots of fabric from Tula Pink and Lizzy House which are both also favorites of mine. Her first market was a great success and it was clear to more than just me that Emily has a great eye for design.

Emily in her book at Fall Market 2009
Lizzy House in Emily's Booth at Spring 2010 Market

The book has 10 patterns based on traditional favorites. They are broken up by skill level and the book goes from easy to hard. Each pattern is shown in 2 color ways as well as all the math is provided for crib to queen size for most of the designs. I love that the categories are called Baby Steps, Walk in the Park, and Walking Uphill... Both Ways... In the Snow. The last one is very fitting for today since we got hit with quite the snow storm here in Philadelphia last night.

One of my favorite patterns in the book is Storm at Sea. Check out the photos below to see how different it looks in fabric by Fig Tree vs. Tula Pink!

Other favorites...

Trip Around the World

Irish Chain

My #1 favorite from the book has to be Pinwheel. In general I don't make pinwheel blocks but this layout really attracted me to them.

I couldn't resit any longer & started making pinwheel blocks yesterday. Emily's chart makes it easy to cut the right number of pieces for the quilt in 4 sizes. (Crib, Lap, Twin & Queen) I'm making the Crib size and planning on hanging it up on the wall.

In no time at all I already have this much done! I paired bold saturated prints with grey Quilter's Linen and then placed them on a white background so that they pop. I'm excited to keep working on this quilt and hang it up in my studio when I finish it!
Fabric is Free to Grow by Nancy Mimms for Robert Kaufman

At $16.95 this book is quite a deal and worth every penny!


Giveaway Time!!

To win a copy of Quilt Remix leave a comment sharing what your favorite color is to use in a quilt and why? A winner will be selected on Saturday.

Giveaway now closed.
& the winner is...

Cindy Anderson said...

My favorite color to use in quilts is blue, there are just so many shades and I love Blue.
Cindy please contact me with your info!


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Pippa said...

Love the pinwheels quilt! So fanciful and fun. Great twist on a traditional pattern.

What colour is my favourite? It used to be I put some red in all my quilts, if not an entire red quilt. Lately, I have moved on to greens and blues. But I seem to put a lot of white in all my recent quilts, esp those I give away. I think it's because it looks clean and traditional and the colours stand out against the white. It's easier than working on good colour combinations so that all fabrics stand out well against each other. Those quilts take forever to design and everyone needs a quick project in between.

Jen said...

I love blues and greens because they are my favorite colors and they are so soothing to me! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lauren H said...

Haven't made many quilts, but I think that some blue has been in all of the ones I've made! Thanks for hosting the giveaway -- Quilt Remix looks like an awesome book!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the color blue as I think it can be in so many lovely shades. My favorite was last years turquois color of the year - so matched all my jewelry. Great with country quilts, modern quilts, and home furnishing.

Claire said...

i think my favorite color to use in quilt is blue..ranging from navy to sky blue...just about every quilt i've made include some kind of blue.

thanks for the great giveaway!!

Crystal said...

I love orange and yellow and green together - such a bright, summery combo that always makes me smile. I love your pinwheels quilt - it's beautiful! Thanks for the sharing the giveaway!

TheaMinPA said...

fave color - red - some shade of red in everything - even if it's only the thread!
impressive interpretation of traditional blocks in this book - she certainly has a great eye for design!

jennB said...

yellow. It is my favorite color and always so cheerful!

SheilaC said...

Blue and White!!!

thanks for the give away


Paula Ganyard said...

My favorite color to use in a quilt is red. I think it is because it is such a traditional color for quilts. It is a warm color and I want my quilts to be warm.

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