Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sponsored Giveaway: Moda Bake Shop Progressive Dinner

disclosure: this is a sponsored giveaway by moda fabrics 

hey yall.
it's me rachel from p.s. i quilt

so i'm popping over to tell yall a little bit about julie...
let's face it, it's NEVER easy to talk about yourself, but it's SUPER easy to talk about someone else.
am i right or am i right?!?!

1st things first: julie is taller in real life than what yall would expect.
that's one of the first things i ever said to her when we met in real life.
{btw: sorry about that jules.}

2ndly: julie lives in philly.
yep. home of the cheesesteak.
but she doesn't love cheesesteak, she loves candy.
i mean she really loves candy.
yall should ask her about her monster sweet tooth sometime.

and lastly: she's an amazing quilter/designer/blogger.
she's been featured in/on a few of our fav magazines.
she even got to hang out with mark lipinski.
yeah THE mark lipinski...she's THAT cool.

i could go on & on, but yall should stick around to get to know her.
she's so cool she could melt ice cubes.
for real.

<3 rachel


thanks rachel :-)


Take a seat.
Yup.. that one.. it's for you.
oh don't forget to leave room for sweetwater
they are coming to dinner too.
and there is 3 of them... so everybody slide on down a bit.
now we are ready.

welcome to the table!
are you ready for dessert?
i hope so!
How about some chocolate?

I've made a step by step tutorial for you on how to make some yummy homemade chocolate treats

ok so are you ready for the fabric treats??
the fresh fabric treats...
see that pretty cover quilt? 
no i didn't make it... but my bff rachel did!! woo hoo!
i'm not great at keeping secrets... so it wasn't easy for me to not tell you about this book for the past year!!  by now you have probably read all about how we have had to be quiet for so long... so i'll get on with it.

i can't show you my project yet... boo! but i can tell you that you haven't seen it...and it uses the lovely pile below. a honey bun and a charm pack from punctuation. honey buns aren't around as much anymore but they are still my favorite pre-cut. i've been holding on to on a bunch of punctuation for a while now so that i can provide a few kits for my book project. they will be limited in # so e-mail me now if you want to reserve one... even though you don't know what you'll be making! ;-)

also i can tell you that you'll have enough leftovers to make my favorite mbs project i've done... one of my giant pincushions

i have quite a few tutorials posted over at the moda bake shop

want to reserve a signed copy of the book?
pre-order now to receive a fabric surprise with your signed book!


want to win a copy of the book and a moda pre-cut?
enter below...

want to win a copy of the book and a bundle of moda fabrics?
leave a comment on each stop...

jan 25th:
julie herman & sweetwater

jan 26th:
angela yosten & jenny garland


the giveaway rules
seriously read the rules.

ONE comment per person.
duplicate comments will be removed
{ as in answer BOTH questions in ONE comment... }

In your ONE comment please tell me what your favorite pre-cut is as well as what project of mine from the moda bake shop is your favorite. comments that just says "pick me" or "enter me" or "i want to win" will be removed... ;-)

please make sure your e-mail address is not set to "no-reply" or that you list your e-mail address in your comment to be eligible. comment moderation is on so if you don't see your comment right away don't panic.

you have till 10pm est on friday the 28th to enter.
winner will be selected by True Random Number Generator

got all that??
think about it... and leave your ONE comment

giveaway now closed.
and the winner of the book & pre-cut is...

 teresamnj said...

Hi Julie! Congrats on your inclusion in this sure to be wonderful book. Right now my favorite pre-cuts are layer cakes. I think they offer great versatility, and have used them in two cute tops, as well as a pieced back over the last few months. I'm so glad you asked us to go look at your MBS projects, as I missed one, which turns out to be my favorite, and that is your "The Candy Box" quilt. So cute! Looking forward to making it, perhaps one of the two baby quilts I have coming up in the next few months.

Teresa, please contact me with your info
thanks to everyone who entered!

the grand prize winner will be announced feb 13th

Jenny & Angela are up next... they are a crafty pair of diy moms that inspire me all the time!


© Blog post written by Julie Herman
For more information visit http://www.jaybirdquilts.com/


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jan said...

I love your big pincushion and my favorite is the jelly roll and also love the fat quarters...hard to decide. Thanks for a chance to win some Moda fun.

Kim said...

You DO know that "one is the loneliest number," right? Okay, one comment, one precut, and one project, not necessarily in that order. I think your giant pincushions are cool. My favorite precuts are charm packs--I know it's rather frugal of me, but I think they're fun to play with.

Janet said...

I love the fabrics you used in cushion couture but my favourite is the giant pincushion. Right now my favourite precut is the charm squares - cause they are the right size for many things.

Austysmum said...

My favourite pre-cut is the jelly roll or FQ pack (the JR is usually more affordable though and very quick to make a quilt so a fratcion higher in my liste of preferences!)

My favourite reciopie of yours is the Life Cycle Quilt - what a wonderful idea for a keepsake for baby.


Kirsten said...

My favorite precut are fat quarters they are real stashbuilders for me! Not too much and not to little!
My favorite tutorial by you in the bake shop is the Couture Cushions - they are in my plans!
Hugs from a big fan of yours in Norway!

Karen P. said...

i love charm packs cause they're cheap & quick!:)i have a layer cake on my birthday wish list tho. i think your play quilt is just darling!

Deb said...

Charm packs are my favorite. I like how affordable they are... even when I'm nearly broke I can get 42 different fabrics for less than $10!

My favorite project of yours is the essence turnover topper. I think it's the ric rac that does it for me!

Sharon said...

Fatquarter bundles are great to work with, adding from my stash makes even more options. I'm into making pillows now also so your cushion couture is my favorite right now!

Susanne said...

I was going to say the flower table runner, but that sweet baby makes me love the life cycles quilt.

I like charm packs. They aren't always the most functional for me, but they sure are pretty : )

P's Qs said...

I'm a big fan of fq bundles, but I'm beginning to use the jelly rolls so we'll see how that goes. I really like the life cycles quilt. I just threw a baby shower that this would've been perfect for. Hopefully I can get it done in time to take it to the hospital.

Thank you for the chance to win!

Megan said...

My favorite precut would have to be the layer cake...because you can cut it and make four charm packs ;) But I do agree with you, those honey buns are yummy too! I really like your giant pincushion pattern, i would never run out of "pin room" :) Hope you are recovering from all your snow and enjoying some down time. Thanks for the giveaway!

Wendy P said...

Favorite precut? I like jelly rolls, but I think I'd like to play with more layer cakes. A lot of patterns have larger than 2 1/2 pieces. I've only had a chance to use one layer cake, and I really liked it.

Your Moda Bake Shop Cushion Couture was very cute. I always have a ton of hsts left over from trimming big blocks, and the star/hst pillow is a great idea to use them up.

Lisa said...

My favorite precut is the charm pack. I'm a very new quilter and I find that I like cutting smaller sized things and the charm packs are perfect for me right now! I love your Essence Turnover Topper... I love the ric-rac on there! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

corina said...

My favorite quilt is the Play Quilt. As for my favorite precut I would have to say it's the layer cake. All things cake are good!

Michellekeenlyne said...

My favorite precut is the layer cake. I loved your Circles (Dots?) pattern that alternates solid layercakes with printed ones. I made a nice one that combined Fandango with white.

As for your patterns on MBS, I think I like the "Play" one the best. The ric rac is a nice detail and I love the colors.

Rachael said...

I love your The Candy Box quilt!! It is so adorable! I am a new quilter and am working on my first quilt. I would say that I can see posiblities in Layer Cakes, but Fat Quarters seem like endless possibilities... so that would be my favorite.

So excited for the book to come out!!


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Oooh, tough question, I love all of the precuts! My favorite is the layer cake - still a great way to get a variety of fabrics in a big enough piece to play around with in a bunch of different ways, but cheaper than a FQ bundle. And my fave MBS project of yours is definitely the Cushion Couture post, I really loved that one :)

Terrieannie said...

I am addicted to charm packs even though I think that Layer Cakes offer the most flexibility!

Hmmmm, I think the couture pillows are my favorite at the moment....but the baby quilt is sooo adorable!


Precious said...

I'm a huge fan of the fat quarter bundles because there's so much versatility for creativity - wow that Dr. Seuss sentence was not planned. I truly love your giant pincushion project. What seamstress couldn't use more space for all of her straight pins?

domestiCass said...

My favorite pre-cut is the Fat Quarter bundle but my budget is more partial to the charm packs. My favorite project of yours is the essence turnover topper quilt as I love me some jumbo ric-rac.

domesticass-blogger at yahoo dot com

PS - I left a comment on Tues or Wed and followed all of the instructions but I don't see it here & since you said all comments had been added I am trying again. I hope that is ok.

freakadoodles said...

Congratulations on the book! My current favorite precut is layer cakes, and my favorite of your MBS projects is the Life Cycles Quilt.

Beth said...

I love the charm packs. Nice size to have a little for the collection and a cute little project. I love the pincushion. Congrats on the book.

Lydia @ The Loop said...

I love layer cakes. The possibilities just seem so endless!

I've had the Play School quilt on my enormous list of "Things To Make" forever! I think it's my favorite of your MBS projects.

I never know if my email will be available, so here it is:


Me and My Gang said...

I love Jelly rolls, I make a lot of different things with a good jelly roll. Plus I have been known to enjoy a layer cake now and agian! My favorite project of yours would have to be your life cycles quilt. I loved the personal touch.

Aggiequilter said...

My fav precut are def fat quarter bundles and next, layer cakes. My fav project of yours - the Candy Box quilt but I love those Couture Cushions too !
Thanks for the fun !!

Melisa said...

Right now I am loving jelly rolls but charms will take over once again, I'm certain. And..... the pincushion. Love your blog! Love it!!

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